Swingaway MVP Softball and Baseball Swing Trainer

Swingaway Softball and Baseball Trainer
  • A serious batting station that's fun too!
  • Our most affordable swingaway ever
  • The perfect model for single player use
  • Choose the Softball Model or get the Softball/Baseball Combo!
  • Like hitting live balls & no chasing or picking up
  • Watch the entire video below, you'll click BUY!
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SwingAway Red Softball Trainer
SwingAway Softball / Baseball Trainer Combo
FREE Bonus...

Ebook from pro hitting coach, Rob Ellis

  • 20 swings a minute (ball returns in only 3 seconds!)
  • 18 Gauge Powder Coated Frame Assembles Quick!
  • Folds Flat For Easy Storage! (lean it against a wall)
  • Free Hitter's Directional Mat (learn good swing habits & improve faster)  

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"I'm excited to become a part of the SWINGAWAY family. They have the same strong commitment to helping young and elite baseball players elevate their game by becoming better hitters. I am absolutely convinced that every player regardless of their age or ability should train on a SWINGAWAY, because I've been hitting on the SWINGAWAY since I was in Little League and still use it today. I chose to partner with SWINGAWAY because it is the Most Important Training Aid a player should own.”

Bryce Harper, Outfielder Washington Nationals

What JP Says about the Swingaway MVP Softball and Baseball Swing Trainer

Newly Released Swingaway MVP Approved By Bryce Harper For Home Training!

The Swingaway Batting Trainers have been around Big League and Little League Baseball for many years and have been owned by hundreds, perhaps even thousands of pro ballplayers for personal use and off season training.

Now, John Flading, the Swingaway Company President, has engineered a home size & quality machine that makes this fine batting practice partner affordable to all serious players for use right in their own backyard, basement or garage... its even been designed to fold flat & store in a small area & will store against a wall.

Stop Wasting Time Picking Up Balls

The idea is to provide you with swings every 3 seconds, simulating a batting tee station but with more flexibility in the level of training. No picking up balls and no catch net is required, just set it up (it's very quick), adjust the height of the ball and begin working up as tough or easy a workout that you design! You will learn to improve on hitting to all parts of the strikezone and improve hitting too all parts of the ballfield... with power!

No Player Is Too Young To Begin Improving... especially when it's this much fun!

Work On Your Weak Points In All Parts Of The Strike Zone!

Every player does some things well and some... not so much.
When you get in the cage or are at batting practice, you want to really rake... doing your best at what you do best. But, the reality is that in baseball, it isn't about what you want... it's about what you are going to get.

Once pitchers and other coaches figure out where you are weak... buddy, they are coming after you!
Now's your opportunity to work on that low & away pitch at the knees that gives you so much trouble, or perhaps the inside pitch or... whatever.

The bottom line is that you can get better at any and all aspects of your game... you will need a number of swings and then some... Now you can stop the frustration and start having a lot more fun... right in your own backyard, garage or basement!

All Swingaway models are built tough and perform as advertised... now there is another innovative model that makes these lessons much more affordable.
And yes... it is a lot of fun too!

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