Muhl Kicker Training Bat

  • Great for real ball batting practice
  • A 1" skinny bat to encourage focus
  • Audible clicker teaches a compact swing
  • Slight overload strengthens hands, arms & core
  • Available in baseball or fastpitch models
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  • Build a faster more accurate swing
  • Helps increase hitter's focus
  • Teaches a compact swing

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How Our Mulh Kicker Training Bat Can Help You

The Muhl Kicker is a weighted training bat that can be used with regulation softballs. It has a one inch steel barrel which is connected to a machined aluminum handle using our patented shock absorbing connection. It also has a sliding steel element in the barrel that that clicks or "kicks" when the bat head is extended to teach a short compact swing.

The Muhl Kicker's one inch diameter teaches hitters to focus on the ball and trains coordination. While the metal bearing inside the Kicker's barrel will click to let a player know when they have a good swing. When the player is better focused on the ball and a nice compact swing is achieved, better hits are made.


1" Diameter, 28" - 34" long

What JP Says about the Muhl Kicker Training Bat

I am a HUGE fan of skinny bat training... using a smaller-than-game size bat and/or ball to make players focus on hitting a round ball off a rounded bat.

The fact is that so many potential homeruns and hard hit balls are simply fly ball outs... by a fraction of an inch from where the ball actually contacted the bat... as opposed to where it actually should have contacted the bat... those fractions are difference-makers over an entire season!

With the Muhl Kicker bat you still get what normal skinny training bats offer plus the following benefits that our mule kicker offers you: 
Game bat weight... so player is forced to use same muscle groups, in same order and at same capacity as your game bat! 
Adding a simple audible "click"... training players to build the correct & quick swing path while giving them feedback on each swing!

Remember, the Muhl Kicker training bat is a great way to use this training... while hitting any game softball or your lighter weight or smaller training balls too!

And do all of this without asking players to work, longer harder or harder!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Choose Adult Or Youth Size Here Any
Area of Focus Casting, Compact Swing, Hand/Eye Coordination, Hitting
In Stock
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