Medium Muhl Power Bag - Bat Strength Training

  • Builds bat speed
  • Develops strength & power fast
  • Teaches compact swing mechanics
  • Produces harder hits & longer drives
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  • Help players drive through the ball at contact for harder hits and added distance
  • Give visual feedback on every swing

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How Our Medium Muhl Power Bag Can Help You

The Muhl Power Bag is a flexible foam filled polyurethane bag that develops hand, wrist and forearm strength at contact. It's designed to allow the hitter to swing through the bag and give instant feedback on every swing. If incorrect mechanics are used the bag will not move much, but if correct mechanics are used the hitter will be able to drive the bag in a complete circle around its post.

By teaching players to drive through the ball, the Muhl Power Bag helps hitters develop the necessary strength to hit the ball with authority every time. It can be used with almost any bat and is soft enough to absorb bat impact. The Power Bag mounts to any pole that is 3½" or smaller in diameter. All hardware needed for mounting is included.

"The Power Bag builds muscle memory while grooving your swing AND making power training fun, competitive and productive." -- Coach JP

What JP Says about the Medium Muhl Power Bag - Bat Strength Training

I like training aids that benefit players and give immediate feedback.

I also like training aids where results are gained in movements that are typically done in practice anyway.

Dry swings (those practice swings done without swinging at a ball, sometimes in front of a mirror) are boring, but they are valuable in creating muscle memory by ingraining an easily repeated swing. So why not improve and have some fun while taking these helpful dry swings that you should be doing anyway?

Consider where "batting strength" comes from:

  • A boxer hits the heavy bag or the speed bag..from the legs-up.
  • A football player is taught to drive straight through blocking sleds or tackling dummies.
  • That strength seems rooted in the lower half of the body.
  • Why? For one's where the largest muscles in the body are!

Isn't that a similar or the same reason why hitters use the body's core (the area from above the knee to the bottom of the lowest rib) to develop hard hitting mechanics and generate power?!

If you agree

Consider the Power Bag for your next best training aid. It is designed to add extra feet on fly balls and extra ball exit speed as balls leave the bat. The more exit speed, the quicker balls leave the infield.and maybe the outfield too.

When swung properly, the tough specially designed Power Bag will actually flex. The object is to keep driving the bag so that it spins in a 360-degree circle around its mounted post. This reachable goal is the positive feedback you may be looking for. It's amazing what a good workout any age player will get in just 5 minutes. After that, who wants to work harder is the remaining question.

In summary

The Power Bag accomplishes the same thing as when the old-timers used to swing at a tire hanging from a tree. The advantage here is that you can move the bag and immediately measure how hard you are driving it as you try to make it actually spin in a circle around its mounting post. Everything is included except a place for you to clamp it.such as a fence post or you can use a basketball pole.

Ted Williams compared successful power hitting mechanics to the "dying act" of chopping down a tree and you'll see immediate success when you properly use your lower body along with firing strong hands, wrists and arms at this tough, yet lightweight bag.

These easy to do swings will pay big dividends to players who will simply take regular, focused hacks. Just make the bag pay and find the power you may never have had. It's simple for those who "get it."

The concept is:
Drive through the ball at contact for harder hits and added distance!

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Age Range All Ages
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