Pro Leather Pancake Glove

  • Reinforces proper 2-handed fielding
  • Learn quick hands & fast transfer
  • A pancake glove to fit any age player
  • Sting-free padded catch area
  • Large 31” circumference pattern with an open back
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This pancake glove is a quick and inexpensive way to encourage your infielders to use proper mechanics to receive ground balls and catch line drives

The Pro Leather Pancake Glove will not allow players to close the glove around the ball or use the deadliest of sins...the one-handed catch! 

This is the best training glove we have ever seen! It teaches the correct field & catch position. Wait until you see the improvement. Use it with any type of ball and for any age group. This is one of those items that you never "see" but a lot of elite teams use.

What JP Says about the Pro Leather Pancake Glove

What do you call infielders with slow hands & feet?...Outfielders!

-Coach JP

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Warranty 2 Year
In Stock
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