Pitching & Pitcher's Training Aids

Resistance training flexible tubing to strengthen all arm and shoulder muscle groups.
Kit includes 4 color-coded bands for varied resistance, 10 exercises & a carry case.
The ThrowMAX is designed to keep players from using incorrect arm motions, not allowing the elbow to...
An accurate Doppler radar device that attaches to the back of a baseball or softball glove.
A pitch back practice net for ground balls, fly balls and throwing.
The Duraband resistance based strength training kit for batters and anyone throwing a softball.
Price From: $79.95
AJ teaches you to throw out of the park & build a safer arm too

As low as: $79.95

Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine
The Canvas Catcher is a 30 lb. pitching target with an angled frame to keep it in place with no tie-...
A pitching target that isolates all areas of the strike-zone so you can work on specific areas.
Automatically tosses a ball every five seconds in an arc of about 6 to 8 feet.
Improve a fastpitch pitcher's location & accuracy. Instant feedback w/ this pitching target.
Sport 3600 Pro Radar Gun With Optional 4" (200 ft. visiblity) Digital Display
Price From: $287.99
Powerline Pitching Mat From Cheri Kempf & Club K
A life-like batting figure to help pitchers improve control and master pitch location.
Price From: $299.00
Measures speed, spin and number of pitches thrown & max spin thrown in session.
A radar gun, pitching target that calls balls & strikes, outs, total pitches, walks & strikeouts.
Price From: $399.95