8’ x 16’ Tri Fold Pro Fungo Screen & wheels

  • Oversized for max protection
  • Heavy duty aluminum made
  • 3 mm slip on pillow case, net included
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What JP Says about the 8’ x 16’ Tri Fold Pro Fungo Screen & wheels

Tri Fold Fungo Screen With Wheels

What A Great Way To Protect Large Groups & Better Use Your Field!

There’s never enough practice area and why not increase the activity in your existing practice field or gym. Its large but light with a heavy weather resistant outdoor net. Just fold, tilt and roll it away while storing it flat! You’ve lived without it but will be ecstatic when you own it!


Check Boxes

·        Lightweight Aluminum Frame – Made In USA

·        Just Fold, Tilt & Roll Away While Storing It Flat

·        Use it In The Field or in The Gym

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In Stock
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