Zooka ZS740 & OTF Batting Cage Combo

Zooka ZS 740 Cordless Pitching Machine
  • Efficient cordless pitching machine 
  • Fastballs & change ups to 65 MPH!
  • Best batting cage kit - installs in 1 hr
  • Batting cage sizes from 40' to 70'
  • See our demonstration video below!

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Zooka ZS740 Baseball Pitching Machine
Zooka ZS740 with Autoloader and External Battery
40' Cage Kit W/ High School #21 Net & L Screen
50' Cage Kit W/ High School #21 Net & L Screen
60' Cage Kit W/ High School #21 Net & L Screen
70' Cage Kit W/ High School #21 Net & L Screen

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What JP Says about the Zooka ZS740 & OTF Batting Cage Combo

Our Best Backyard Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Set Up!

Thats a big statement in that we offer 40 pitching machines and 14 batting cages as of this writing. Here's why you might want to give this package some serious consideration!

About Our ZOOKA ZS 740 Pitching Machine

Consider that the ZOOKA ZS 740 is the 1st fully digital pitching machine that is built better than any other pitching machine i have ever seen. Consider that it is cordless and only 35 lbs so just take it in after practice and plufg it into the charger for anouther 500 swings tomorrow. Its ability to throw an easy 65 mph that when placed at 40-50 feet from the hitter will give an 80 mph experience...plenty for all players to take real batting practice. The optional auto feeder is a bt pricey but again engineered to incredible specs and efficiency. Then add the ability to program sporadic change ups and you have a real training tool that will teach players to keep hands back and become explosive hitters for ANY TYPE of offspeed pitch!

About Our OTF (Over The Frame) Backyard Batting Cage Kit

This is the most inexpensive way to get a portable batting cage that any age or size player can workout in comfortably. It will last you many seasons without fail and is easy to install (1 hour) or take down in the off season (20 minutes). We inlcude everything you will need except for the long skinny legs that you can purchase locally in every Home Depot, Lowes or similar so you save on shipping all that steel as well as digging holes and concreting into the ground. (Works indoor and on concrete driveways etc too!

This Portable Batting Cage & Pitching Machine Summary

You have choices of course but before you move past this package, look closely. It's a winner. If you have more questions, call us toll free at 1 800 487 7432.

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Warranty 1 Year
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