Homerun Derby Softball Hitting Drill

Softball Article By: Emily Paolasso


A fun way to end a practice game

What's Needed

  • Throw down bases
  • Bucket of practice balls or tennis balls
  • Outfield fence


10 – 20 Minutes

How the Drill Works

  • Place 3 or 4 bases 5 to 8 feet apart in a straight line from the pitcher’s mound to second base. Each base represents home plate (older hitters use the base farthest from second as home plate, and young hitters stand at the base closest to second).
  • Set up an outfield fence so batters have a good chance of hitting home runs.
  • Players scatter around the field to field the balls.
  • The coach pitches balls from shallow center field.
  • If a player hits the ball over the outfield fence, it is a home run. The batter gets an extra swing for every home run.

Softball Coaching Tips

  • Adjust distance of outfield fence so that 1/2 or more have a chance of hitting a homer!
  • Point out and congratulate those who perform good fielding plays.
  • Rive-up every batter to swing for the fences.


  • Batters can swing with one or two hands.
  • The coach can move in closer or pitch from the soft toss position.
  • Players can also use a tennis racket and hit tennis balls.

Why this Drill Works

  • It boosts morale by making players feel good that they hit a ball out-of-the-park!
  • Fielders practice catching and grounding skills
  • Hitters practice honing their hitting skills