There is no best batting or hitting cage for softball… there’s only the one that fits you & your needs offers all the major styles & prices so whether you know it as a batting tunnel, batting cage or a hitting cage, we have you covered. Here’s a link to our batting or hitting cages.

The major items you should consider when choosing the right softball batting cage include:

Choose Your Softball Batting Cage Price

The more you spend, the more you will get but we all have budgets. Bump up against the amount you have to invest but do consider choosing a shorter batting cage with a heavier net where budget becomes an issue. No player gets better based on the dimensions of their hitting cage but they cannot hit if the net has holes!

Choose Your Softball Batting Cage Style

Backyard or outdoor batting cages for home use
The most inexpensive is what’s simply called a backyard batting cage. Generally, they are a hitting cage in a box with all parts supplied. They can be as short as 20 to 24 ft and some can be extended in the future.

We have a series called The Xtender that is a great bargain but it’s not junk. They are 24 ft, 30 ft and 36 ft and can be extended later if desired (though I believe that the batting cage length is not what’s going to get you to that next level). Here’s a link to our Xtender Batting Cages.

The Batting Cage Kit (One Of My Favorites)
Our Over The Frame Batting Cage Kits are a very cool idea.
Basically we send you everything other than the hitting cage legs which are standard poles you can buy at Home Depot, Lowes or fence stores. The kit includes net in 50, 60 or 70’ and you choose a net strength. It’s an easy installation needing only a step ladder and a 10 mm wrench!

2 Notes:

  • All of the outdoor batting cages in the Batting Cage Kit series can be converted to indoor or inside batting and hitting cages. We even include rubber “feet” if you need to build an indoor batting cage.
  • If there is a portable batting cage, this would be it (battng cages are large, so portable is a relative term). Under 1 hr installation, 20 minutes to remove.

Permanent Softball Batting Cages
These are the same as you see at schools and in ballparks. Basically they are permanent and require digging 2 ft deep holes every 12-15 ft, erecting a steel frame and then hanging a batting cage net inside the framework. Typical sizes are 55 ft or 70 ft long by 12 ft high and either 12 ft or 14 ft wide. Here’s a link to our Permanent Batting Cages

Indoor Softball Batting Cages
All batting cage nets are built to withstand the outdoor elements but there are certain characteristics that are specific to indoor batting cages. Most involve portability or perhaps keeping a gym floor safe from scratches or ball marks.

We offer indoor batting cages that retract from the ceiling, either manually or by utilizing a motor which raises and lower a batting cage when needed. Call us toll free at 1 800 487 7432 for the specifics but know that we can design about anything for your in door batting cage needs.

We also offer you our amazing BATCO Batting Cages. They fold like an accordion when practice is finished. In 2 minutes you can go from a complete 55 or 72 ft long by 18 ft wide and 12 ft tall pro batting cage, that you will use for many, many seasons, to a 2 ft deep folded batting cage that rests against a gym wall. It’s one of a kind and is available as an outdoor batting cage as well.

Choose Your Softball Batting Cage Net Strength

Youth batting cages & portable batting cages are shipped with one strength of net. When you get into the higher cost and pro batting cages, you will have a choice of net strength. You will often see them advertised as a #21 net, #36 net and up to a #96. Basically, how thick of a net do you want?

Let’s make it easy:
#21 – is a general purpose net for indoor and outdoor use (all our nets are weather treated to protect them from harmful UV rays of the sun, ball abrasion and cold winter winds, which are all tough on batting cage netting.)
#36 – This is the sweet spot for most everyone except very high use customers. If it’s affordable and you don’t have a college football program with outdoor use, here’s your play!
#42 through #96 – Call our Pro Department at 1 800 487 7432 to discuss. These are very heavy nets for indoor softball training facilities, college softball, pro teams and the heaviest users… or if you just want the best you can buy for your own reasons!

I can’t speak for all the products on the market but from what I see, be a bit careful when it comes to who you buy from. Most all customers are at the mercy of the person who offers the net as it is very difficult to tell a number 21 from a number 36 (thicker). Buy from those who do it for a living… this is no place to bargain hunt on Ebay or Craigslist because you will only know if it is problematic a year or two in the future.

Softball batting cage net or netting will last longer if it is thicker with a heavier gauge of twine that makes up the net. The way it is built has a lot to do with its future life.

Bottom line is that the higher the number, the thicker the twine and the longer it will last. Here’s a link to our batting cages and nets.

Choose Your Softball Batting Cage Accessories

Net Saver/Baffle Net
This heavy square piece of netting is inexpensive insurance for the #1 wear point in your net; the area behind the batter. We include 4 snaps hooks for you to loosely hang this net behind the batter but in front of the batting cage “wall”. Sizes range from 8’ x 8’ to 14’ x 14’…your choice. Here’s a link to our baffle net | netsavers

Batters Stance Mat – Homeplate Stance Mats
These are 7’ x 12’ rectangles of heavy turf, with an equally heavy backing. (Our baseball versions are 6’ x 12’ because the batters box is smaller in baseball) They are spike proof (not just spike resistant), are built for indoor or outdoor use, and should seldom if ever need to be replaced. Ours feature a white turf home plate and the parallel only lines of the softball batters box. They are available in classic green turf or clay color (they match infields and show a bit less dirt).

Turf Flooring
Though costly, our softball & baseball turf (same product) is a good grade without going cheap or way over the top. As a good grade, it will not break down but will be able to withstand many outdoor seasons with adults in steel cleats. It is very good quality and is available in 12 ft wide or 15 ft wide rolls. It can be laid over grass or dirt though the best method is to glue it over a concrete pad.

Pitching Machines
Pitching machines are the natural pairing for your batting cage. Some throw lighter or smaller balls though most are built for regulation leather or rubber dimple softballs. Some are built specifically for softballs or baseballs, others are combination machines…and of course, automatic ball feeders are a real plus for some too. We offer 28 ranging from under $200 to over $3,000 so you really do have some choices.

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